Whats Biting When

April – Excellent Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing, Dolphin start to show up at the end of the month
May – Some Yellow Fin still around, excellent Dolphin fishing and Blue Marlin fishing starts to pick up, getting hotter towards the end of the month.
June – Excellent Dolphin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish and Wahoo fishing
July –  Sail fishing is excellent, some gaffer Dolphin, bailer Dolphin (less than 10 lbs), Wahoo fishing is excellent and the White Marlin bite gets red hot.
August – Sailfish are still hot, some White Marlin remain while Wahoo fishing is excellent and bailer Dolphin fishing remains good.
September – Dolphin, Sailfish and Wahoo fishing is very good with King Mackerel fishing starting to pick up.
October – King Mackerel fishing is off the charts! Dolphin, Wahoo and Sailfish are still being caught.
Decemeber – It’s off to Mexico

Interested In Landing One?

Blue Marlin, Outer Banks,Endorfin

Blue Marlin

Largest of the species, cobalt blue on top shading to silvery white on bottom; upper jaw elongated in form of spear; dorsal fin pointed at front end; pectoral fin and anal fin pointed; lateral line reticulated (interwoven like a net), difficult to see in large specimens; no dark spots on dorsal fin; body covered with embedded scales ending in one or two sharp points.

Blue Marlin, Outer Banks, Endorfin

White Marlin

Color of body dark blue to chocolate brown, shading to silvery white underbelly; noticeable spots on dorsal fin; upper jaw elongated in shape of spear; body covered with embedded scales with a single sharp point; tips of first dorsal, pectoral, and first anal fins rounded; lateral line curved above pectoral fin, then going in straight line to base of tail.

Blue Marlin, Outer Banks,Endorfin


Dark blue on top, brown-blue laterally, silvery white underbelly; upper jaw elongated in form of spear; first dorsal greatly enlarged in the form of a sail, with many black spots, its front squared off, highest at its midpoint; pelvic fins very narrow, reaching almost to the anus; body covered with embedded scales, blunt at end; lateral line curved above pectoral, then straight to base of tail.

Dolphin, Outer Banks, Endorfin


Bright greenish blue above, yellow on sides, with capability of flashing purple, chartreuse, and a wide range of other colors; body tapers sharply from head to tail; irregular blue or golden blotches scattered over sides; anterior profile of head on adult males is nearly vertical; head of females more sloping; the single dark dorsal fin extends from just behind the head to the tail; anal fin margin concave and extending from anus to tail.

Wahoo, Outer Banks, Endorfin


The wahoo is a steel blue fish above and pale blue below. It has a series of 25 to 30 irregular blackish-blue vertical bars on the sides. A distinguishing characteristic is that protrusions on the gills (gill rakers) are absent.

King Mackrel, Outer Banks, Endorfin

King Mackerel

Back iridescent bluish green; sides silvery, streamlined body with tapered head; no black pigment on front of dorsal fin; lateral line starts high and drops sharply below the second dorsal fin; young fish often have yellow spots like those of the Spanish mackerel.

Blue Marlin, Outer Banks,Endorfin

Yellow Fin Tuna

Yellow fin tuna are torpedo-shaped fish, popular because they are large (up to 100 + pounds), fight hard and are excellent eating. They are metallic dark blue on the back and upper sides, changing from yellow to silver on the belly. The dorsal and anal fins, and finlets are bright yellow. Excellent table fare, and a favorite for sushi.

Interested In Landing One?

Interested In Landing One?